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The UNFCCC Secretariat has published a report that outlines the planned and executed initiatives to enhance its efficiency, and that identifies some of the constraints it faces in carrying out its functions.

UNFCCC6 October 2011: The UNFCCC Secretariat has published a “Report on planned efficiency gains for the biennium 2012–2013,” which outlines planned measures to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of its services to parties and observers (FCCC/SBI/2011/INF.15).

At its 34th session, the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) requested the UNFCCC Executive Secretary to provide a report on planned efficiency gains for the biennium 2012–2013, for its consideration at its 35th session.

This report contains a report on initiatives planned or taken in order to continuously and systematically enhance efficiency across all Secretariat programmes. Some of the initiatives include: optimizing the organizational structure in line with the priorities of the intergovernmental process; streamlining procedures; improving the speed and efficiency of internal processes; applying best practices in the management of programmes and projects; operationalizing the online job application system for Secretariat posts is operational; operationalizing the online registration system for admitted organizations and media; and increasing the use of virtual participation through videoconferencing, Internet telephony and social media. The report also highlights some constraints faced by the Secretariat in achieving the goal of becoming a top-performing organization, such as late agreement among parties on the dates of sessional meetings. [Publication: Report on Planned Efficiency Gains for the Biennium 2012–2013]

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