UNEP, Stakeholder Forum Hold Consultation on Sustainable Development Governance
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The day-long conference focused on international environmental governance and sustainable development governance.

6 March 2011: The Stakeholder Forum and UN Environment Programme (UNEP) convened a stakeholder consultation on 6 March 2011, in New York, US, on the topics of international environmental governance (IEG) and sustainable development governance.

The day-long conference, attended by government, intergovernmental and non-governmental representatives, included panels on “What should be the major building blocks of IEG reform?” and “How should IEG be linked to Sustainable Development Governance?”

Participants made general recommendations regarding: the ambition for fundamental reform; integrating environmental governance and sustainable development governance; accountability, compliance and enforcement; enhancing ownership of environmental and sustainable development governance and raising the level of engagement; and widening participation in governance and decision-making on sustainable development.

Specific recommendations related to: upgrading UNEP to a specialized agency or a World Environment Organization; upgrading the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) to a permanent Sustainable Development Council at the UN; establishing regional conventions on Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration; establishing a convention on corporate accountability and a convention on the evaluation of new technologies; establishing an International Court for the Environment; creating ombudsmen/women for sustainable development; moving towards a new international monetary system; and establishing a World Resource Bank.

On “making it happen,” suggestions included better collaboration by civil society and building a multi-stakeholder movement using online tools and new media. [Summary of Consultation]

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