UNEP Risoe Centre Publishes Paper on Electricity Sector Targets for Post-2012
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UNEP Riso centre December 2008: The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Risoe Centre has published its Working Paper No. 6, entitled: “Electricity sector no-lose targets in developing countries for post-2012: Assessment of emission reduction and reduction credits.”

The paper uses a combined margin method from the Clean Development
Mechanism (CDM) to analyze the sectoral no-lose targets for electricity
production in seven developing countries: China, India, Indonesia,
South Korea, Mexico, Thailand and South Africa. The purposes of the
paper are to: propose a method for formulating national sectoral
baselines and crediting targets for the electricity sector for
post-2012; assess the amount of emissions that could be reduced
compared to the baselines by seven developing countries with large
carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation, based on options
of increased efficiency fossil power plants and decreased share of
fossil electricity; and estimate the amount of emissions reduction
credits that could be generated based on the proposed targets. [The Paper]

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