UNECE Releases European Forest Sector Outlook Study II
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The European Forest Sector Outlook Study II illustrates the consequences of today's policy choices for the forest of tomorrow in the 27 members of the EU, and Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

It addresses carbon accumulation, wood energy, marketing and use of harvest residues.

22 September 2011: The UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has released the European Forest Sector Outlook Study II (EFSOS II) 2010-2030, which covers the 27 members of the EU, as well as Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, illustrating the consequences of today’s policy choices for the future of forests.

EFSOS II concludes that the best strategy is to combine management focused on carbon accumulation in the forest with a steady flow of wood for products and energy. In the long term, however, the sequestration capacity limit of the forest will be reached, and the only potential for further mitigation will be regular harvesting, to store the carbon in harvested wood products and to avoid emissions by substituting wood for non-renewable materials and energy sources.

EFSOS II also predicts the consequences of a more innovative approach to wood product design, supply and marketing, as well as to forest management; and outlines win-win opportunities in developing the use of harvest residues, recovered wood and landscape care wood from urban and highway trees. [UNECE Press Release] [Publication: European Forest Sector Outlook Study II]