UNECE Considers Policy Framework on Affordable, Healthy and Ecological Housing
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The UNECE's Committee on Housing and Land Management adopts an “Action Plan for Energy-efficient Housing in the UNECE Region."

27 September 2010: At its 71st session, held from 20-21 September 2010, in Geneva, Switzerland, the Committee on Housing and Land Management of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) considered several items related to climate change.

The Committee discussed the document “Principles and Goals for Affordable, Healthy and Ecological Housing” and decided to set up a working group to explore possible options for a legally binding instrument on affordable, healthy and ecological housing in the UNECE region, with a view to increasing the legitimacy and visibility of the housing sector as a key component of a country’s sustainable development.

The Committee also adopted an “Action Plan for Energy-efficient Housing in the UNECE Region,” which outlines policy areas for action and contains a range of targets and measures that member States can adapt and implement with a view to removing barriers to energy efficiency and moving towards a low-energy and carbon-neutral housing sector. UNECE member States also considered the outline of a study on “Climate Neutral Cities,” to be prepared by the end of 2010, which is expected to promote an integrated cross-sectoral approach to urban development including housing, land use management, energy efficiency, transportation, waste management and green areas. [UNECE Press Release] [Meeting Website and Documents] [IISDRS Coverage]

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