UNCTAD Policy Brief Outlines “Development-led” Green Economy
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This brief by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) summarizes challenges and opportunities arising for developing countries in the transition towards a green economy, and calls for measures to ensure that benefits are inclusive across and within countries.

UNCTADJune 2011: The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has published a policy brief summarizing the challenges and opportunities of a “development-led green economy.”

The brief states that, in order to be inclusive, the transition to a green economy must be supported by development-led policies and concerted actions, noting that greater efforts are needed to address the challenges faced by developing countries and enable them to seize opportunities offered by a green economy.

The challenges addressed in the brief include: insufficient financial, technical and human capital to structurally reform economies along a green trajectory; the need to provide financial stimulus for broader long-term programmes promoting a low-carbon economy; and international trade rule reform to provide adequate policy space for countries to promote green sectors.

With regard to opportunities, the brief focuses on emerging markets for the export of green technologies, goods and services such as: exports of renewable energy technologies, for developed and more industrialized developing countries; export of intermediate goods to supply green markets, for less industrialized developing countries; and opportunities in green products such as organic food and beverages, natural cosmetics, fibers, biofuels and sustainably harvested timber and fishery products. [Publication: UNCTAD Policy Brief: Building a Development-led Green Economy]

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