Second Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing Calls for Proposals
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The CTI PFAN is seeking proposals for the second Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing (AFRICEF-2) Business Plan Competition.

Interested parties are invited to submit environmentally beneficial business proposals that could potentially obtain investments by 26 September 2011.

2 August 2011: The Private Financing Advisory Network of the Climate Technology Initiative (CTI PFAN) has opened a call for proposals from the Africa region for the second Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing (AFRICEF-2) Business Plan Competition. AFRICEF-2 is looking for interested parties with business proposals that are of benefit to the environment and enable the proposals to obtain financing and investment.

Participants that qualify for the second round of the competition will receive coaching and assistance from experts to create business plans that are financially, socially and environmentally sound, and that will be well received by potential investors. The closing date for the competition is 26 September 2011.

Previous winners of the competition include an eight Mega Watt (MW) small hydropower project in Uganda, that was proposed by Greenewus Energy Africa Ltd and the Barefoot Power Company, which aims to distribute solar-powered LED lights and other electrical goods to the rural poor in Africa. The two projects sought US$6 million and US$2-3 million respectively.

AFRICEF-2 is sponsored by, inter alia, the Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) and its Private Financing Advisory Network (CTI PFAN), and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP). The CTI is a multilateral initiative, operating as an implementing agreement under the International Energy Agency (IEA). [CTI PFAN Call for Proposals]

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