Report Outlines Lessons Learned from REDD+ Readiness in the Republic of the Congo
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The report highlights challenges in implementing REDD+ readiness activities in the Republic of the Congo, especially with regards to coordinating the different elements of capacity building, institutional and policy strengthening, and stakeholder engagement.

28 August 2012: The World Resources Institute (WRI) and Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF) have released a report on lessons learned from readiness activities in the Republic of the Congo towards reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation and the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks in developing countries (REDD+).

The report highlights experiences from the first two years of a three-year Africa Development Bank (AfDB) funded project titled “Quantification of carbon stocks and emissions in the forests of the Congo.”

The report reveals progress in the Republic of the Congo with regards to technical and scientific capacity building and institutional strengthening. However, it emphasizes that the REDD+ readiness process has been more complex than anticipated. In particular, the report reveals difficulties faced so far with regards to establishing technical and scientific capacity, supporting appropriate government policies and engaging civil society.

Based on experiences in the Republic of the Congo, the report presents recommendations to donors, experts, practitioners and institutions engaged in REDD+ readiness. The recommendations focus on acknowledging and differentiating between the different components of REDD+ readiness: the capacity to establish scientific baselines; the evolution of national policies; and the engagement of stakeholders.

Overall, the report highlights the complexity of REDD+ readiness and suggests readiness activities should target capacity building and stakeholder engagement at the earliest possible stage in order to ensure that readiness can be effectively integrated into sustainable development. [Publication: Lessons Learned from REDD+ Readiness Implementation Experience in the Republic of Congo]

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