Report Finds ‘Generation Less’ is Ready to Drive Sustainability as Consumers, Job-seekers
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'Generation Less: 2019 Predictions Report’ examines key industry trends and highlights how companies are successfully innovating.

The report argues sustainability will become an increasing priority, driven by growing awareness about the importance of creating sustainable supply chains.

The report describes the importance of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastic Economy Global Commitment in pushing companies and consumers to rethink the system of plastics and address plastic waste and pollution at its source.

March 2019: A report on “Generation Less” highlights a growing interest in sustainable supply chains and increasing demands for transparency, and identifies climate change as one of the most disruptive conditions for business, along with retaining talent and consumers. The report from Positive Luxury, which awards the Butterfly Seal to brands that meet sustainability criteria, examines key industry trends and how companies are responding.

The report titled, ‘Generation Less: 2019 Predictions Report,’ defines “Generation Less” as an “ageless demographic” with a values-driven mindset. Members of this generation, it says: value experiences, personalization, work-life balance and convenience; are environmentally and socially conscious; and express themselves by making ethical choices, “buying less but buying better” and working for companies that can prove positive impact.

On supply chains, the report argues that responsible sourcing and disclosure of environmental and social practices are increasingly expected by both consumers and legislative bodies. For example, the EU has set policies on global value chains that encourage protection of the environment and workers. The report underscores the importance of traceability and compliance in ensuring sustainable procurement. It reports that the LVMH Group has implemented an environmental policy to protect the quality of water, air and soil, and diversity of animal and plant species in order to safeguard its supply chain and the company’s long-term future.

On plastic, the report highlights the pioneering role of the retail sector in eliminating plastic packaging, underscoring the responsibility of businesses to “become thought leaders and mobilize people towards action.” The report describes the importance of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastic Economy Global Commitment in pushing companies and consumers to rethink the system of plastics, and address plastic waste and pollution at the source. The report shares examples of companies innovating to produce cleaner packaging and responsibly-sourced ingredients, and eliminating plastic both inside the product and in the packaging.

Positive Luxury highlights the role of the UN Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Clean Seas campaign in urging consumers and businesses to address pollution and waste and promoting a circular economy, including through innovative solutions across design, production and processing. According to the report, one of the most engaging actions a company can take is to use environmentally-friendly packaging.

The report concludes that Generation Less is “ready to use their voice—and wallet” to realize a more sustainable world. Positive Luxury predicts that:

  • “Quality over quantity” will be the reigning ideology for 2019;
  • Companies will increasingly recognize biodiversity conservation as critical to their capacity to innovate and sell their products;
  • Companies will call for increased efforts to improve supply chains to both meet consumer expectations, as well as to ensure responsible sourcing and a sustainable supply chain; and
  • There will be a significant increase in natural ingredients and formulations in the beauty industry in 2019.

Positive Luxury, founded in 2011, uses a Butterfly mark to showcase a qualifying company’s positive actions through icons illustrating the areas of impact. [Publication: Generation Less: 2019 Predictions Report] [Positive Luxury Website]

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