Publication Surveys Electric Vehicle Policies in 16 Asian, European and North American Cities
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A new publication supported by the International Energy Agency (IEA), titled "EV City Casebook: A Look at the Global Electric Vehicle Movement," identifies policies and best practices for Electric Vehicles in urban environments.

EV City Casebook5 May 2012: An International Energy Agency (IEA) supported publication, titled “EV City Casebook: A Look at the Global Electric Vehicle Movement,” addresses best practices for electric vehicle usage.

The publication provides an overview of the status and outlook for electric vehicles (EV) and assesses existing programmes to enhance the understanding of policy measures to foster the uptake of electric vehicles in urban areas to increase energy security and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Specifically, the EV City Casebook examines 16 North American, European and Asian cities whose EV policy approaches vary significantly, aiming to share experience on EV demonstration and deployment and identify challenges and opportunities. Some highlight municipalities’ experiences buying fleets of EVs, others with mass transit or taxis, some encouraging rental of individual cars, and others creating intelligent traffic systems.

The cities profiled are Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, BrabantStad, Goto Islands, Hamburg, Helsinki, Kanagawa Prefecture, Los Angeles, New York City, North East England, Portland, Research Triangle, NC, Rotterdam, Shanghai and Stockholm.

The publication was compiled by several organizations, including the IEA’s Implementing Agreement on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles and the Clean Energy Ministerial’s Electric Vehicle Initiative. [IEA Press Release] [Publication: EV City Casebook: A Look at the Global Electric Vehicle Movement]

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