Pakistan-US Energy Dialogue Discusses Hydropower
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The Pakistan-US Energy Dialogue, held in Islamabad, Pakistan, from 14-15 September 2011, reviewed progress on ongoing energy programmes, including on hydropower and water management.

15 September 2011: Ambassador Carlos Pascual, US Special Envoy for International Energy Affairs, and Naveed Qamar, Pakistan Minister of Water and Power, co-hosted the Pakistan-US Energy Dialogue in Islamabad, Pakistan, from 14-15 September 2011, to review progress on ongoing energy programmes.

Both sides recommitted themselves to pursuing practical solutions to Pakistan’s energy needs, and Ambassador Pascual reaffirmed the United States’ long-term commitment to working with Pakistan to establish a commercially viable and sustainable power sector. During the dialogue, Pakistan underscored its commitment to strengthen energy sector governance and efficiency.
The US welcomed Pakistan’s continued engagement with international financial institutions and the private sector to assess the feasibility of hydropower projects and appreciates its commitment to international environmental standards, while also focusing on the importance of water management. [US press release]

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