NEFCO Carbon Finance and Funds Unit Releases Operational Review 2010
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The CFF Operational Review 2010 highlights new financing mechanisms, including ProClimate, a new climate guarantee facility that seeks to unite loan guarantees to carbon financing.

2 February 2011: The Carbon Finance and Funds Unit of the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) has released its Operational Review for 2010, which highlights new financing mechanisms.

The Review features sections on: a review of operations; new climate finance facilities and initiatives; the NEFCO Carbon Fund (NeCF); a case study on wind energy developments in Oaxaca state, Mexico; the Baltic Sea Region Testing Ground Facility (TGF); an overview of the Carbon Finance and Funds (CFF) Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)/Joint Implementation (JI) portfolio; and a case study on climate-proofed water storage and conservation strategies in Ghana. The Review also highlights the 2010 launch by NEFCO of a new climate guarantee facility, ProClimate, which seeks to unite loan guarantees to carbon financing. The facility is implemented jointly with the Nordic Development Fund (NDF). [Publication: CFF Operational Review 2010]

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