Low-Carbon Leaders Project Invites Feedback from C4C Signatories
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UN Global Compact and WWF are collaborating on a "Low-Carbon Leaders Project."

September 2010: The UN Global Compact’s Caring for Climate (C4C) signatories are invited to provide input and feedback on the Low-Carbon Leaders Project (LCLP), an open source, multi-media platform aimed at capturing and sharing transformative low-carbon solutions.

The UN Global Compact and WWF are collaborating on LCLP, which seeks to develop tools and methodologies to identify solutions, calculate and report results, and explore avenues of policy support to accelerate the uptake of solutions. The full report of the LCLP will be presented at the Caring for Climate/B4E Special Event, scheduled to take place from 4-5 October 2010, in Mexico City, Mexico. LCLP welcomes the input and feedback of C4C signatories in the areas of solution leadership, policy frameworks, and methodologies for reporting on positive contributions. C4C is a voluntary and complementary action platform for UN Global Compact participants who seek to demonstrate leadership on the issue of climate change. [LCLP Leaflet] [Caring for Climate Website]

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