LAC Energy Efficiency Network Appoints Executive Director
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Mentor Proveda, formerly in charge of the Latin American Energy Organization's (OLADE) energy efficiency programme, has been appointed Executive Director of the new Latin American and Caribbean Energy Efficiency Network (LAC-EE).

LAC-EE now has 360 participants from 24 countries.

3 February 2012: The Latin American and Caribbean Energy Efficiency Network (LAC-EE) has appointed Mentor Proveda as its Executive Director, effective 16 January 2012.

Proveda, previously the energy efficiency programme director for the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE), was chosen on the basis of terms of reference for the international post competition prepared by LAC-EE’s Management Committee. The Committee, chaired by Brazil’s state-owned power holding company, Electrobras, includes OLADE, Chile’s Energy Efficiency Agency, El Salvador’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency, the International Copper Association, and the Trust to Save Electricity.

Upon assuming his new post, Proveda proposed a work plan with five elements: network management; consolidating the network; improving network operations; broadening the base of participants; and fund raising for LAC-EE.

A public-private initiative, LAC-EE is supported by OLADE and was launched at the Fourth Latin American and Caribbean Energy Efficiency Seminar, held from 3-4 August 2011, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, held in conjunction with the first LAC regional meeting of the Global Environment Facility (GEF)-UN Environment Programme (UNEP) en.lighten initiative. LAC-EE currently has 360 registered participant from 21 LAC countries and three countries outside the region. [OLADE Press Release] [IISD RS Coverage of LAC en.lighten Regional Meeting]

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