ILO Green Jobs Programme Supports Training in Haiti
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As part of the recovery effort after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the ILO is providing skills training for "green jobs" through projects that are training local people to: use quake debris to build homes, pavements and flood protection structures; carry out urban reforestation; and exploit renewable and alternative fuels to replace the traditional use of charcoal.

ILO31 August 2012: The International Labour Organization (ILO) is sponsoring efforts to help people in Haiti transition from livelihoods that degrade the environment to “green jobs” that restore it, following the 2010 earthquake in the country. Project outcomes are expected to address food insecurity, create jobs and restore the environment.

The ILO project provides skills training in: the use of debris from the quake to build homes, pavements and flood protection structures; urban reforestation; and the exploitation of renewable energy to replace traditional charcoal.

The ILO defines green jobs as decent jobs that reduce consumption of energy and raw materials, limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, minimize waste and pollution, and protect and restore ecosystems. [ILO Press Release] [ILO Website on Green Jobs]

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