IEA OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin Discusses Smart Grids, Low-Energy Networks
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The OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin also discusses the IEA Technology Data Exchange, and new IEA research and development projects.

5 October 2010: The International Energy Agency (IEA) and its Committee on Energy Research and Technology published the latest issue of the OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin, which addresses smart-grids, the IEA Technology Data Exchange, low-energy networks, and new IEA research and development projects.

The Bulletin begins with an interview with Guido Bartels, Chairman of the GridWise Alliance and IBM’s General Manager, on the promises and challenges of smart grids. It continues with a piece on the IEA Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE) by Brian Hitson, ETDE’s Executive Committee Chair, who offers an update on how new trends in knowledge management are making information in ETDE’s more than 4.3 million energy literature references more accessible. The OPEN Bulletin continues by discussing IEA’s “Accelerating Energy Technology Innovation” project, with links to documents and presentations on the topic.

The Bulletin also highlights, and links to, a study and workshop on standby power and low-energy networks, as well as to new IEA research and development projects on creating a tool kit for energy efficiency in government buildings. [The Bulletin]

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