IEA Newsletter Discusses World’s First CSS Standard
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The newsletter outlines remaining hurdles for Carbon Capture and Storage implementation.

29 September 2010: The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Greenhouse Gas Research and Development Program’s (IEAGHG) latest Greenhouse Issues newsletter focuses on carbon capture and storage (CCS) discussions within the G8, the development of a new CSS standard, and other CSS-related news.

The IEAGHG newsletter begins with a piece evaluating CSS progress in light of goals put forward by the G8 at its meetings in Muskoka, Canada, in June 2010, highlighting that despite progress achieved, much still needs to be done to accelerate deployment of large-scale CSS. Key future efforts include: bridging financial gaps; creating value for carbon dioxide for commercialization of CSS; establishing legal and regulatory frameworks; communicating with the public; and improving infrastructure.

The newsletter continues with a piece on the International Performance Assessment Center for Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide’s (IPAC-CO2) work to develop the world’s first CCS standard, to be used as a basis for an international standard to be implemented through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) by 2012.

Other articles in the newsletter discuss, inter alia: a project to develop a global technology roadmap for CCS; the results of a workshop on environmental impacts of CSS; the proceedings of a meeting of the CSS Monitoring Network; and new IEAGHG study reports. [The Newsletter]