IDB Supports Fiscal Reform for Climate Change Adaptation in El Salvador
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The Inter-American Development Bank approved a US$200 million loan to support El Salvador in implementing its climate change strategy, improving infrastructure to reduce vulnerabilities to extreme weather events, and adopting macroeconomic and fiscal policies to confront the impacts of climate change.

IDB7 March 2012: A new Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) project in El Salvador will support fiscal and regulatory reform, as well as physical infrastructure upgrades for climate change adaptation, and improve the country’s resilience to disasters.

The US$200 million IDB loan will focus on four programme areas: macroeconomic stability; fiscal sustainability; institutions; and resilience and adaptation to climate change. Under the project, sectoral plans for agriculture and forests will be developed and physical infrastructure re-evaluated and strengthened to reduce vulnerability and increase resilience to extreme weather events. [IDB Project Website]

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