IDA Presents its Work on Disaster Risk Reduction
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The report highlights projects to support disaster risk reduction as a strategic priority in country development strategies.

September 2010: The International Development Association (IDA) published a brief report on its activities relating to disaster risk reduction (DRR) and sustainable development, highlighting projects to support DRR as a strategic priority in country development strategies.

The report highlights that, in 2009, four of the ten countries with highest natural disaster-related mortality rates were islands: Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga and Solomon Islands. The report also highlights IDA’s work in ensuring predictable pre- and post-disaster financing, providing examples of its work in the wake of natural disasters in Bangladesh and Haiti.

The publication also describes climate change adaptation work and risk assessment, including: national risk maps and/or platforms in Madagascar, Mozambique, Malawi, Senegal, Yemen and the Caribbean; agriculture insurance in Bangladesh and Nepal; index-based weather insurance study for the cotton sector in Burkina Faso; and the Africa Drought Insurance Pool Feasibility Study. [IDA Publication]

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