Group of 77 Water Forum Adopts Muscat Declaration on Water
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Group of 77
26 February 2009: The First Ministerial Forum on Water of the Group of 77 met in Muscat, Oman, from 23-25 February 2009, and brought together delegations from 130 member States who agreed on 21 conclusions and recommendations.

The Forum concluded with the adoption of the Muscat Declaration on Water, which highlights the vital importance of water as a source of life, and recognizes the human right to clean water and hygienic sanitation as a key goal. In the Declaration, the Ministers in charge of water resources recommend the promotion of innovative technologies among developing countries to address the negative impacts of water related disasters such as floods, droughts, cyclones, desertification, deterioration of river watersheds and the intrusion of sea water into the non-saline ground water in coastal areas resulting from the rise of the sea surface caused by climate change.
Ministers further acknowledge the progress and breakthrough made by some developing countries in vital areas of water management, water supply and sanitation as well as in dams, irrigation, hydro-energy and measures to alleviate the risks of climate change, and emphasize the need to learn from one another and share best practices and experiences among countries of the South. [Forum Website] [The Declaration]

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