GEF Reports on Outcomes of Protected Area Projects in Liberia
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The Global Environment Facility (GEF) showcased the results of three protected area projects in Liberia, which were successful in implementing a management plan for the Sapo National Park, and in consolidating and expanding Liberia's protected area network.

7 September 2011: The Global Environment Facility (GEF) has reported on the results of three projects implemented in Liberia to strengthen its protected area system and protect rare species, including the pygmy hippopotamus.

Three GEF projects were featured, the first on the elaboration and adoption of an effective park management process in the Sapo National Park, recognized as the most pristine tract of forest in West Africa and home to the pygmy hippopotamus. The second project worked on consolidating Liberia’s protected area network to connect five protected areas in the country’s western region. The third project is currently working on expanding the protected area network in Liberia by focusing on developing sustainable community livelihoods around the country’s protected areas. The successful implementation of these projects has strengthened Liberia’s protected area system, with the Government now working on the potential for carbon sequestration from forests as a means to obtain resources to further sustain the system. [GEF Press Release]

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