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The yearbook provides snapshots of food and agriculture, and provides an in-depth examination of various issues, such as the status of investment in agriculture, agriculture and environmental stability, and food price volatility.

FAO20 March 2012: The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) has presented a collection of global statistical data on the state of the agricultural resource base, hunger dimensions, feeding the world, and sustainability.

The yearbook provides an in-depth examination of various issues, including: pressures on land and water resources by agriculture; the impacts on national economic and social development of women’s lack of access to agricultural tools and land; the status of investment in agriculture; malnutrition; food wastage and loss; agriculture and environmental stability; and food price volatility.

The information in the yearbook allows users to deepen their understanding on agricultural productivity increases as it relates to social and environmental inputs, and provides evidence of the inter-relationship between agriculture and a cross-sector of development challenges. [Publication: FAO Statistical Yearbook 2012] [FAO Press Release]

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