European Conference on Applied Climatology Focuses on Adaptation
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3 October 2008: The seventh European Conference on Applied
Climatology and the eighth Annual Meeting of the European Meteorological
Society were held jointly from 29 September–3 October 2008, in Amsterdam, the

These two meetings brought together scientists, national weather
services, service providers, users, decision makers and manufacturers from
across Europe to discuss future strategies in climatology and meteorology and
the provision of climatological and meteorological services for society.
Adaptation was the main theme of the meetings, highlighting the growing need
for improved services that go beyond forecasting and warning systems and that
involve stakeholders and decision-makers alike.
The event was organized along a
new concept where sessions to discuss the understanding and prediction of
climate were twinned with sessions on adaptation to climate change and
variability in various societal and economic sectors. The World Meteorological
Organization co-sponsored the event. [Conference website]

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