European Commission Adopts Zero Tolerance Policy on GMO Material in Feed
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The regulation harmonizes the approach to controls of levels of genetically modified materials in feed in EU member States.

It defines a "technical zero" level of GM material in feed at 0.1 percent.

24 June 2011: The European Commission has adopted a regulation to harmonize implementation of the zero tolerance policy on non-authorized genetically modified (GM) material in feed.

The regulation sets out a “technical zero” at the level of 0.1 percent, which corresponds to the lowest level of GM material that is considered by the EU Reference Laboratory for the validation of quantitative methods. The regulation is limited to GM feed material for which an authorization procedure is pending in the EU, or for which an authorization has expired. In addition, this material has to fulfill a set of criteria, which is also outlined in the regulation.

According to the EC, the regulation ensures a harmonized approach to controls in all member States and improves the legal certainty for importers of feed from third countries. [EC Press Release] [Questions and Answers]

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