EU-US Lisbon Summit Focuses on Green Growth
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The leaders of the EU and US met in Lisbon, Portugal, to discuss cooperation on green growth, energy and climate change.

20 November 2010: The leaders of the EU and US met on 20 November 2010, in Lisbon, Portugal, to discuss cooperation on: ensuring strong, balanced and sustainable economic growth and creating jobs; meeting global challenges such as climate change and international development; and strengthening the security of citizens.

According to the resulting joint statement, in order to boost the agenda of green jobs and growth, the two sides task the EU-US Energy Council to: enhance cooperation on the development and deployment of clean energy technologies; report by June 2011 on progress in accelerating exchanges of information and scientific personnel, building alliances among our premier energy technology research bodies, and facilitating participation by qualified researchers in each other’s energy research; and continue to promote energy security by fostering transparent and efficient energy markets, including the diversification of supply sources and routes.

On climate change, the two sides emphasized that they stand by the commitments made in Copenhagen in 2009, including progress on all core elements contained in the Copenhagen Accord – mitigation, transparency, finance, adaptation, technology and forests. The two sides also committed to continue working closely in all relevant fora, in particular the UNFCCC and the Major Economies Forum, to ensure that a future comprehensive global framework includes robust and transparent emissions reduction commitments by all major economies. [Joint Statement]

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