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The CIFOR November Newsletter highlights challenges and opportunities related to REDD+ negotiations at the Durban Climate Change Conference and other activities being undertaken by CIFOR on communications and biodiversity.

November 2011: Outlining many of activities that the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) will be engaged in during UNFCCC COP 17, the CIFOR November Newsletter presents a series of blogs and interviews on opportunities for REDD+ during the Durban Climate Change Conference.

In the newsletter, CIFOR Scientist Louis Verchot notes reasons for optimism on REDD+, but also underscores the lack of agreement on the mechanisms for providing financing for REDD+ at scale. Former REDD+ negotiations facilitator Tony LaVina outlines three sticking points related to: finance; guidance on reference levels; and safeguards.

On Forest Day 5, CIFOR indicates that it anticipates the attendance of over 1,000 participants. At the Asia Pacific Forestry Week in Beijing, China, CIFOR Director General Frances Seymour provided an overview of CIFOR’s new communications strategy to help improve their interface between research, policy and practice. On biodiversity issues, CIFOR Scientist Terry Sunderland contributes a blog on the challenges of protecting rhinos in Africa and Asia. The newsletter also highlights the commitment of the President of Indonesia to devote the remainder of his term to protecting the country’s forests. CIFOR is a member of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). [CIFOR Newsletter] [IISD RS Coverage of Forest Day 5]

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