CEM Announces Educational Resources on SEAD Initiative’s Street Lighting Tool
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The resources offer instruction and information on the SEAD initiative's Street Lighting Tool to compare street lighting fixtures, which has been shown to help achieve energy savings of up to 50% on street lighting.

25 April 2012: The Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) has announced that the Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) initiative’s Street Lighting Tool and an instructional webinar are available from the superefficient.org website, to help buyers make more informed choices regarding street lighting fixtures.

The Street Lighting Tool, which is supported by the Mexican National Commission for Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada, the Swedish Energy Agency, and the US Department of Energy, is a free calculator to evaluate the performance and cost of street lighting upgrades and retrofits to help achieve up to 50 percent in energy savings. The tool compares a large number of fixtures employing both photometric analysis and life-cycle cost and energy analysis. The slides from the webinar illustrate the workings of the tool.

The website further provides a promotional video, a fact sheet and a white paper providing an overview of the tool, its applications, and step-by-step user instructions. Also available is a recorded webinar presentation from April 2012, in which Neal Humphrey from the Alliance to Save Energy explains how to use the tool. [CEM Press Release] [Superefficient.org] [SEAD Street Lighting Evaluation Tool] [Webinar Slides] [Neal Humphrey webinar]

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