AU Establishes Task Force on Integrated Maritime Strategy
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The African Union formed a Task Force on marine issues, which will prepare an African Integrated Marine (AIM) Strategy to address rising pressures on African oceans and seas from shipping fisheries, aquaculture, renewable energy production and illegal activities.

3 June 2011: The African Union (AU) has formed a cross-department task force to develop Africa’s Integrated Maritime (AIM) Strategy, which will articulate an “overarching multilayered African-driven long term vision” to address Africa’s maritime challenges and opportunities.

The AIM Strategy Task Force will address pressures facing Africa’s oceans and seas from traditional maritime activities such as shipping and fisheries, as well as new ones such as aquaculture and offshore renewable energy, which are taking place in a context of insecurity, degradation of the marine environment, biodiversity loss and climate change impacts. The Task Force also will address loss of life and revenue from illegal activities.

The Task Force is composed of members of relevant AU departments and directorates and will include experts nominated by the Regional Economic Communities (RECs), Regional Mechanisms (RMs) and relevant specialized organs such as the Sea Power for Africa Symposium. The Task Force is expected to present the AIM Strategy for adoption in January 2012. [AU Press Release]

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