Ahead of MDG Summit, UN Secretary-General Calls for Increased Cooperation
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Ban discusses the findings of "The Global Partnership for Development at a Critical Juncture," which stresses the need for improved access to new technologies.

16 September 2010: As world leaders prepare for the MDG Summit, which will be held from 20-22 September, at UN Headquarters in New York, to boost progress on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon held a press conference to discuss the findings of the report titled “The Global Partnership for Development at a Critical Juncture.” The report finds serious gaps in the realization of commitments only five years away from the deadline for achieving the Goals, and stresses that improved access to new technologies has become increasingly pressing, especially those technologies necessary for climate change mitigation and adaptation and for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The report emphasizes the impact of the global economic crisis, leading to further shortfalls on aid, trade and debt, and on affordable access to medicines and technology. It notes that official development assistance (ODA) will fall US$20 billion short on commitments made for this year. The report highlights trade recovery, but notes that it is still unclear if it will generate the jobs and income opportunities required to lift many out of poverty.

With an increased focus on access to new technologies, the report indicates that the role of the private sector is also critical. It highlights the need for large public and private investments and incentives for technologies for renewable energy production, energy efficiency and environmental protection, with emphasis on climate change. It argues that economic and market barriers, particularly lack of finance, are the main obstacles in developing countries’ efforts to access technology transfer. It calls for enhancing internationally concerted efforts to promote the development and transfer of technologies for mitigation of, and adaptation to, climate change in developing countries, and provide the necessary financial resources and technical assistance in order to address the needs of developing countries in dealing with its adverse effects. [UN News] [UN News Centre, 16 September] [MDG Gap Task Force Report]

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