AfDB Identifies Key Challenges to Address through Agriculture Strategy
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A recent meeting of the Agriculture and Agro-Industry Department (OSAN) of the African Development Bank (AfDB) highlighted drought resilience, climate change, green economy and food security as key challenges for the department to tackle in 2012.

AfDB8 February 2012: The African Development Bank’s (AfDB) Agriculture and Agro-Industry Department (OSAN) has identified the implementation of drought resilience projects in the Horn of Africa as a key challenge to be addressed in the 2012 AfDB Agriculture Strategy.

At a recent meeting held in Tunis, Tunisia, to define the 2012 AfDB Agriculture Strategy, OSAN experts highlighted key challenges for the department to tackle, including: food security in the Horn of Africa; regional drought resilience building programmes; climate change; and the green economy. Stressing the importance of drought resilience, Abdirahman Beileh, OSAN Director, underscored that the AfDB has committed US$300 million to assist in overcoming the current food crisis in the Horn of Africa. The programme aims to implement long-term resilience building in those countries already facing droughts.

Discussions also highlighted that the agricultural sector employs over 70% of Africa’s labor force, and that engagement in this issue needs to ensure: the securing of innovative sources of financing; the formulation of more appropriate public and private sector financial products; and the reduction of lending risks as well as the mobilization of resources from China, India, Brazil and Argentina. [AfDB Press Release]

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