4 October 2010 Shanghai, China
World Habitat Day 2010: Better City, Better Life

The Global Observance of the 2010 World Habitat Day will be held at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. As part of the celebration, a special meeting on the ‘Livable City in a Harmonious Society’ will be held. The meeting is one of the six major discussions happening during this week on key urban topics including sustainability, urban development, the environment, economy, cultural heritage, science and innovation. As part of the celebrations worldwide, UN-HABITAT, in partnership with the National Institute for Disaster Management of Mozambique (INGC), is holding a special event in the areas where floods were caused by heavy rains in recent years in Mutarara village, located in the central province of Tete, Mozambique. The event will screen two films: one titled ‘The Change,’ on the causes, effects and adaptation measures to cope with climate change; and a second titled ‘The River,’ which features how people living near the Limpopo river in the southern part of the country have adapted to live with floods.  

date: 4 October 2010  
venue: Shanghai World Expo 2010  
location: Shanghai, China  
contact: Coordinator  
phone: +254 20 762 5311  
fax: +254 20 762 3477  
e-mail: whd@unhabitat.org  
www: http://www.unchs.org/categories.asp?catid=643