4-5 February 2014 Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland
Workshop on The Future of Social Housing: Environmental and Social Challenges

The UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and UN-HABITAT, in cooperation the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing (CECODHAS), will hold a workshop exploring the future of social housing in UNECE member states. The second day of the event will focus on environmental sustainability issues of social housing, including energy efficiency, resource efficiency, climate neutrality and “green social housing.” Case studies will be examined from Sweden, Trento, Italy and Quebec, Canada.  

dates: 4-5 February 2014   venue: Palais des Nations   location: Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland   contact: Lucrecia Bertelli, UNECE Housing and Land Management Unit   e-mail: lucrecia.bertelli@unece.org   www: http://www.unece.org/index.php?id=33997  

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