23 April 2020 virtual
Webinar: How Islands are Facing COVID-19-Tourism Crisis

This webinar will focus on how islands are facing the COVID-19-related tourism crisis, and their ideas on building back better. 

Speakers will include: Kalani L. Ka‘anā‘anā, Hawai‘i Tourism Authority; Vanessa Tore, Ministry of Economic Development, Curaçao; Pauline Sheldon, Co-Founder at Tourism Education Futures Initiative (TEFI), Professor Emeritas at University Hawaii School of Travel Industry Management, and Co-Founder at Trinet (Tourism Research Network); and Seychelles (name to be confirmed).

The webinar is the first in a series on economic and social impacts of the pandemic on islands. The webinar are provided through the Shared Island Platform on COVID-19 Response, recently launched by the Global Island Partnership (GLISPA) and Hawaii Green Growth Local2030 Hub. 

The next webinar topics will include effects on agriculture and food security, and movement of residents and goods. To inform the selection of future webinar topics, island colleagues are invited to complete a questionnaire on their priorities.

date: 23 April 2020
time: 2 pm EST
location: virtual
e-mail: laura@hawaiigreengrowth.org
www: https://www.islands2030.org/

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