23 November - 4 December 2020 virtual
UNFCCC Climate Change Dialogues, November/December 2020 (Climate Dialogues)

The UNFCCC Climate Change Dialogues, November/December 2020 (Climate Dialogues) will offer new opportunities for UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Parties, observer States and other stakeholders to showcase progress and achievements on climate action in 2020.

The primary focus of this series of events will be on the intergovernmental process and on issues pertaining to mandates under the governing and subsidiary bodies and their agendas, as appropriate. The Climate Dialogues may also include, where possible, a limited number of complementary events held by Parties, observers or other stakeholders that could further inform the discussions.

The Climate Dialogues will also provide a platform for advancing implementation of activities and events mandated for 2020 and, to the extent possible, for identifying potential activities that could help Parties to be better prepared for effectively engaging in the work of the subsidiary bodies at the 2021 sessions.

The Dialogues will be convened in collaboration with the Presidency of the Conference of the Parties (COP) at its 25th session and the incoming COP 26 Presidency and with the support of the secretariat.

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dates: 23 November – 4 December 2020
location: virtual
www: https://unfccc.int/sites/default/files/resource/information_note_climate_dialogues.pdf