8 May 2014 virtual
Understanding the FCPF Carbon Fund’s Methodological Framework

The World Bank's Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) Carbon Fund will host a webinar on its Methodological Framework, which was approved in December 2013 by Carbon Fund Participants as guidance for the development of large-scale REDD+ projects. The webinar, held under the theme 'REDD+ Forestry and Climate Learning' will be the first in a series of sessions on a variety of aspects related to REDD+ and the FCPF. Following a presentation, participants are invited to ask questions and engage in a discussion on topics related to the Framework.  

date: 8 May 2014   location: virtual   www: http://einstitute.worldbank.org/ei/webinar/understanding-fcpf-carbon-fund%E2%80%99s-methodological-framework  

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