3-4 March 2014 Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Conference on Combating Wildlife Crime

The UN University (UNU) will host a World Wildlife Day conference at its headquarters in Tokyo. The Tokyo Conference on Combating Wildlife Crime will include a series of panel discussions on: policy making in wildlife conservation; the role of the UN during environmental crisis (in the context of poaching); and lessons that can be learned from the experience of Japan in combating wildlife crime. On 4 March, there will be working group sessions for invited experts focused on wildlife policy, information systems and satellite remote sensing data. The main objective of the working groups is to develop a plan on how to bring about effective transboundary information sharing on wildlife crime, especially in developing countries. The outcome of the working groups will be the Tokyo Declaration on Transboundary Information Sharing.  

dates: 3-4 March 2014   venue: UN University   location: Tokyo, Japan   contact: Makiko Arima   e-mail: arima@ias.unu.edu   www: http://unu.edu/events/upcoming/combating-wildlife-crime.html#overview