14 November 2021 Glasgow, Scotland, UK
To Avert a Tipping Point: Launch of the Amazon Assessment Report

The event “To Avert a Tipping Point: Launch of the Amazon Assessment Report” will feature the launch of the Amazon Assessment Report, which is a comprehensive assessment of the state of the Amazon Basin, current trends, and policy relevant considerations for the long-term sustainability of the ecosystem and its peoples.

The event, which will take place during the Glasgow Climate Change Conference, is being organized by the Science Panel for the Amazon (SPA) which undertook the assessment. The SPA's recommendations include:

  • an immediate moratorium on deforestation in areas nearing a tipping point;
  • zero deforestation in the Amazon Basin by 2030;
  • restoration of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems; and
  • promotion of a sustainable bioeconomy based on traditional knowledge, science, technology, and innovation.

The event will take place both virtually and in-person in Glasgow. 

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date: 14 November 2021
location: Glasgow, Scotland, UK
additional: Virtual
www: https://www.theamazonwewant.org/launch-event-for-amazon-assessment-report-november-12/

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