10-13 February 2015 New Delhi, Delhi, India
Third International Conference on Natural Resource Management for Food and Rural Livelihoods

Organized by the Soil Conservation Society of India in collaboration with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, this conference will address ways to boost agricultural productivity for food security and economic development, while conserving and restoring the natural resource base. Topics to be covered include: assessment, development and management of natural and human resources for livelihood and food security; integrated management of water and land resources to prevent land degradation and salinity related desertification; conservation agriculture systems for drylands, rainfed and irrigated areas; climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies including carbon sequestration in soils for different land use systems; and policy frameworks for capacity building to mitigate emerging problems in natural resource management. This is a 2015 International Year of Soils event.  

dates: 10-13 February 2015  
venue: National Agricultural Science Centre (NASC) Complex, DPS Marg (Pusa), New Delhi – 110012  
location: New Delhi, Delhi, India  
contact: Shri Jagatveer Singh  
phone: +911125848244  
e-mail: soilcsi@gmail.com  
www: http://www.icscsi2015.in/docs/First%20Circular.pdf

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