21-22 October 2013 Copenhagen, Kobenhavn, Denmark
Third Global Green Growth Forum

The third Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) aims to be a platform for developing new or enhancing existing public-private partnerships for promoting green growth and will be hosted by the Danish Government in partnership with the Governments of China, Kenya, Korea, Mexico and Qatar. With an overall focus on improving resource efficiencies in the value chain, the event will also focus on the following thematic areas: energy, water, food and greening the value chain. It will also provide an opportunity for green growth leaders to discuss ways to finance green growth, create demand for green growth and enhance economic incentives for the transition to a green economy.  

dates: 21-22 October 2013   location: Copenhagen, Kobenhavn, Denmark   contact: 3GF Secretariat   phone: +45 3392 00 00   e-mail: 3gf@um.dk   www: http://3gf.dk/en/3gf-2013/  

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