4-7 October 2011 Bali, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
Tenth WMO Scientific Conference on Weather Modification

This World Meteorological Organization (WMO) conference is being organized in the following main areas: Weather Modification Research and the study of cloud and precipitation processes; and Weather Modification and the physical and socioeconomic environment. The presentations may report not only on scientific results but also on operational experience in weather modification supported with scientific studies/analyses.  

dates: 4-7 October 2011   venue: Hotel Sanur Beach Bali   location: Bali, Indonesia   contact: Slobodan Nickovic   phone: +41(0) 22 730 81 11   fax: +41(0) 22 730 81 81   e-mail: SNickovic@wmo.int   www: http://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/arep/wwrp/new/10thWeatherModBali2011.html  

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