23-27 August 2015 Wageningen, Gelderland, Netherlands
Second Wageningen Soil Conference on Soil Science in a Changing World

This is the second edition of the annual Wageningen Soil Conferences, which aim to explore the role of soil science in combating and mitigating global challenges, including food security, water resources, climate change, land functions and biodiversity conservation. The Conferences takes a thematic, interdisciplinary approach that seeks to provide a platform for: sharing knowledge of soils 'across the world and across science'; engaging in interdisciplinary exchanges of ideas, thoughts, and opinions; and “thinking out of the box”. The 2015 conference is organized under the auspices of the International Year of Soils. In addition to keynote presentations and interactive discussions, the conference will explore the core themes in workshops and master classes.  

dates: 23-27 August 2015  
location: Wageningen, Gelderland, Netherlands  
www: http://www.wageningenur.nl/en/Research-Results/Projects-and-programmes/Wageningen-Soil-Conference.htm

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