16 June 2009 Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Roundtable Consultations on Joint Implementation

At its 15th meeting, the Joint Implementation (JI) Supervisory Committee (JISC) discussed the development of a determination and verification manual (DVM) and programme of activities (PoA) and requested the UNFCCC Secretariat to organize roundtable consultations on these matters, to be held in conjunction with the 16th meeting of the JISC. The aim of the roundtable consultations is for the JISC to meet with independent entities and other interested stakeholders to listen to their views on the development of a DVM and PoA under the JI Track 2 procedure.  

date: 16 June 2009  
location: Bonn, Germany  
www: http://ji.unfccc.int/Workshop/16_june_2009_roundtable.html