17-19 November 2011 Mbale, Eastern, Uganda
Regional Workshop for Africa: Climate Change – Impacts, Adaptation and Development in Mountain Regions

With support of the World Bank Development Grant Facility, the Mountain Partnership Secretariat is organizing three regional meetings in Chile, Tajikistan and Uganda, for the Latin American, Central Asian, and African regions respectively. The meeting in Uganda is jointly planned with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). Each regional meeting will aim to strengthen knowledge about the climate change impacts in mountain areas, discuss adaptation options in mountain ecosystems, and to promote better alliances and cooperation amongst countries with mountain territories so to reinforce their understanding of key issues.  

dates: 17-19 November 2011   location: Uganda   additional: Mbale   contact: Tullia Baldassarri, Mountain Partnership Secretariat   e-mail: Tullia.Baldassarri@fao.org   www: http://www.mountainpartnership.org/common/files/pdf/DGF-1_sm.pdf