30 July 2010 Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Pre-sessional Workshop on Forest Management Accounting

Discussions at this workshop will focus on addressing issues related to the proposed options for forest management accounting, in particular the construction and use of reference levels. Participants will address the need for greater transparency in the reporting of approaches for construction of reference levels, implications of different construction approaches and the need for a process to review reference levels.  

date: 30 July 2010  
venue: Hotel Maritim, Bonn, Germany  
location: Bonn, Germany  
contact: UNFCCC Secretariat  
phone: +49-228 815-1000  
fax: +49-228 815-1999  
www: http://unfccc.int/files/parties_and_observers/notifications/application/pdf/100714_notif_forest_man.pdf  

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