22-24 January 2018 New York City, US
National Platforms for SDG Reporting: Identifying Best Practices and Solutions

This meeting will seek to produce recommendations and guidelines for basic requisites of national data platforms suitable to SDG follow-up and reporting.

Participants at this meeting will include representatives from national statistical offices, international and regional organizations with programmes or initiatives that support data platforms in countries, as well as donors and other providers of data platform solutions. Representatives of statistical offices will be both from countries where solutions are already implemented and can be shared with others, and from countries where no SDG data reporting platform has been established yet. Participants will review best practices, discuss possible solutions and identify ways forward for their implementation.

dates: 22-24 January 2018
location: New York City, US
contact: UNStats
www: https://unstats.un.org/unsd/capacity-building/meetings/National_Platforms_for_SDGs

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