3-5 September 2014 Belgrade, Serbia
Milankovitch Anniversary UNESCO Symposium on Water Management in Transition Countries

This meeting will address the theme “Water Management in Transition Countries as Impacted by Climate and Other Global Changes, Lessons from Paleoclimate and Regional Issues” with the intent to identify programme areas to address at the 7th World Water Forum, taking place in March 2015 in Daegu, Republic of Korea. This meeting is organized by the “Jaroslav Černi” Institute for Development of Water Resources, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and the Water for Sustainable Development and Adaptation to Climate Change Centre (WSDAC) and held under the auspices of the Serbian Government and UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).  

dates: 3-5 September 2014   venue: Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, Knez Mihajlova 35   location: Belgrade, Serbia   contact: Miodrag Milovanović   phone: +381 11 390 81 35   fax: +381 11 390 64 81   e-mail: miodrag.milovanovic@jcerni.co.rs   www: http://jcerni.org/en/activities/conferences/wmtccc.html

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