6 November 2010 Washington D.C., US
Joint Meeting of FCPF, FIP, UN-REDD Governing Bodies

The Secretariats of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), the Forest Investment Program (FIP) and the UN-REDD Programme were requested to organize this meeting to foster closer integration of the initiatives, including the establishment of a joint platform to share country experiences, disseminate lessons learned, and facilitate strategic discussions.  

date: 6 November 2010  
venue: World Bank headquarters  
location: Washington, District of Columbia, US  
fax: +1-202-522 2937  
e-mail: cifadminunit@worldbank.org  
www: http://www.forestcarbonportal.com/event/joint-meeting-fcpf-fip-un-redd-governing-bodies