9-11 November 2011 Casablanca, Morocco
International Symposium on Drought and National Drought Policies

This symposium is organized by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the Secretariat of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). It will build on the WMO meeting on national drought policies held at George Mason University, Fairfax, US, from 14-15 July 2011, which outlined steps for countries to reduce drought risks and help coordinate the development of a “best-practices” compendium on developing drought policies. The collaboration between the WMO and UNCCD builds on recent partnerships, such as on the use of the Standard Precipitation Index as a universal drought index.  

dates: 9-11 November 2011   location: Casablanca, Morocco   contact: Clare Nullis, WMO Press Officer   phone: +(41 22) 730 8478   e-mail: cnullis@wmo.int   www: http://www.wmo.int/pages/mediacentre/press_releases/pr_WMO-UNCCD.html