4-6 December 2012 Neiva, Huila, Colombia
International Seminar: Watershed Management and Climate Change

The governments of the Colombian municipality of Neiva and Department of Huila, with support from Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (RLC) of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), will discuss watershed management in the face of climate change. The seminar will examine integrated watershed management as an approach to conserve water, soil and biodiversity resources, while supporting and improving local livelihoods and promoting sustainable development at the basin and national levels. The seminar specifically will discuss: public policies; financial tools, including payment for environmental services; techniques, bioengineering approaches and traditional knowledge regarding water stewardship, soil conservation and erosion control; and successful case studies from Colombia and the rest of Latin America.  

dates: 4-6 December 2012   venue: Salón La Vorágine, Centro de Convenciones José Eustasio Rivera   location: Neiva, Colombia   contact: Pilar Román, FAO Regional Office for LAC   phone: +562-923-2199   e-mail: Pilar.Roman@fao.org   www: http://www.rlc.fao.org/es/agenda/seminario-internacional-manejo-de-cuencas-hidrograficas-y-cambio-climatico/  

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