11-13 September 2012 Busan, Pusan-Jikhalsi, Republic of Korea
International Conference on Climate, Water and Policy

This Conference will bring together climate scientists, water resource managers and other specialists to discuss the impacts of climate change on water resources across four categories: climate variability impacts on water availability and floods at short term to seasonal time scales; climate change and variability impacts on water security and flood damage at decadal and inter decadal time scales; dissemination of probabilistic climate and water information for operational planning and decision making; and building international cooperation and policy coordination for adaptation to climate change.  

dates: 11-13 September 2012   venue: APEC Climate Center, 1463 U-dong   location: Busan, Republic of Korea   contact: Jin-Ho Yoo   e-mail: jhyoo@apcc21.net   www: http://www.apcc21.org/eng/acts/int/ann/japcc020701.jsp  

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